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Planning Kid2Kid Videoconference Projects
Simple but effective: A booklet, from a Michigan district, on videoconferencing ideas.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This downloadable booklet from Berrien County Intermediate School District (BCISD) in Michigan is a great source of information and resources for any teacher wanting to pursue a videoconference project in the classroom.
This site is simply a booklet in the form of a Microsoft Word document that can be downloaded and printed to use offline. It has a table of contents so that users can scroll down to a certain page of interest if they choose not to print the entire document.

Videoconferences allow teachers and students to connect to people and places -- such as zoos, museums, guest experts, and other classrooms -- that may not otherwise be accessible to them. This booklet has been created by educators in the field and includes an introduction that describes videoconferences and lists the different types. The booklet also provides project templates that can be used to start your classroom project by just plugging in your own curriculum information. Project ideas include exchange projects, academic challenges, data collections, debates, product/solution development, and many more. Additionally, users will find tips for finding a partner, presentation, preparing questions, evaluation strategies, and a bibliography of resources.


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