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November, 2007

America at a Crossroads
Great PBS site for some current current-events discussions.
Grade Level: 9-12

Another great site from PBS, America at a Crossroads explores the challenges confronting the post-9/11 world including the war on terrorism; the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan; the experience of American troops serving abroad; the struggle for balance within the Muslim world; and global perspectives on Americas role overseas."
This multimedia site is well organized and can be navigated easily by following the graphic links to each of the sections on the main page or the navigation bars in the middle of the page or the bottom. Internal pages have a left side menu. Macromedia Flash Player and QuickTime or Windows Media Player are needed.

This site is the complement to the PBS Television series by the same name. Although it is geared to a general audience, there is lots of content appropriate for high school students. The series consist of fourteen documentaries that explore such topics as firsthand accounts of American servicemen and women through their own words, the complicated mixture of emotions that characterizes European views about Americans, and the U.S. strategy in Iraq. Visitors to the site can view video clips of the documentaries, watch the video diaries, explore an interactive timeline of events that shaped the modern Middle East, and download a discussion guide. Educators will want to check out the educators page for middle and high school lesson plans and a classroom integration guide as well as additional resources. .


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