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October 2007

Online safety is a good (and now a fun) thing: games for kids.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5


NetSmartz is an interactive, educational safety resource from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. It offers age appropriate games, activities, videos, music and more that teaches young children how to be safer online.
This multimedia site is colorful and appealing, with cute graphics and a top navigation bar that leads to the main areas of the site.

NetSmartzKids.org is a great place for parents, educators and caregivers to help their children learn about being safe on the Internet. It doesn’t link to any outside sources ensuring a safe and positive experience for kids. Cartoon characters address such topics as personal safety, IM chat, computer viruses, and Internet privacy through rap videos. There are enough interactive games, puzzles, comic books, activities, and videos to keep youngsters entertained for hours while they are learning about online safety. Users will want to begin by clicking on the “Use Your NetSmartz” link in the top navigation bar. Here they can find the instructional raps that teach children the rules of online safety. Also available are areas where users can send e-cards to their friends or email one of the characters at the site, download freebies such as computer wallpaper, and access all the tunes in one place.  


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