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The Pioneer Virtual Zoo
Remember to bring your virtual sunscreen and a cyber-snack!.
Grade Level: 6-8

The Pioneer Virtual Zoo is a site that was developed by middle school students at Pioneer Middle School in Hanford, California. Built as a resource to help the students understand how animals are classified, it is useful to students around the country not only as a classification resource but also as a model for how school research can benefit the larger community.
The site has a neat appearance and is well organized. Buttons to the various areas of the site are in the left sidebar. The Zoo Entrance button expands to list the phyla and leads to all the student reports. Internal menus expand as well, making it easy to find information.

There are many zoos to found on the Internet but this one has uniqueness in that it is an ongoing project created, researched and documented by the 7th grade Life Science students at Pioneer Middle school in Hanford, California. Each year the students add to the number of reports that are available, currently 184 animal exhibits. This is a great site to help students understand how animals are classified. Each report contains information about the species as well as pictures and well documented source information. Included are several “Zoo Activities” that are designed to help students learn how to use the zoo Website to access information.


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