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Terri Husted's Homepage: By a teacher for teachers -- a "home grown" gem.
By a teacher for teachers -- a home grown gem.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Teacher Terri Husted drew on her own experience to compile this assortment of ideas and resources for new math teachers.
This uncomplicated site has links to the main sections on the home page.

This site has something for newbies and veteran teachers alike. Teacher Terri Husted offers advice from her own experience on such topics as classroom management, making connections, homework, assessments, and clarity. She also provides a list of resources for new math teachers that can be found on the Web. There is also a "most loved problems" section, which includes an archive of problems that have been contributed by students and teachers. Another section includes math and science Internet lessons for grades 5-9, with notes for teachers and handouts for students that can be downloaded for free. These lessons cover such topics as density, percentages, interactive problem solving, the stock market, and more. Additionally, users will find links to more Internet lessons, data for statistics lessons, science sites, and graphing calculator sites.


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