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Physlets (PHYSics appLETS)
Tons of applets that help teach physics in a lively way.
Grade Level: 9-12

This site offers a wealth of Physlets that can be used by science teachers to illustrate processes and concepts in physics. Physlets are small Java-based applets developed at Davidson University by Wolfgang Christian and designed to be used in science education.
This is a text-based site with no frills. Links to all the Physlets are grouped thematically and listed on the main page. The Java Runtime Environment, which can be downloaded from the site, must be loaded on your computer to run the applets.

Teachers will be delighted to use these applets as demonstrations to accompany their lectures. The neat thing is that you don’t have to be a Java expert to use these materials. The site gives students easy access to customized curricular material on topics such as kinematics, force, momentum, torque, gravity, optics, electrostatics, circuits, and much more. Users will want to begin by reading through the introduction on using these phsylets. The Physlets are grouped into several major categories, with sub-categories for each.


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