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Participate in the collaborative development of curricula via this wiki.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


Curriki, short for curriculum and wiki, is a Web site allowing users to add, modify, and critique educational materials that students, parents, and teachers can access and use from anywhere in the world for free.
The site is built on a wiki -- a form of open source technology -- which allows users to participate in the development of the online educational community. Registration is required for full participation, but it is free to anyone. Resources at the site can be searched by keyword or browsed by subject area.

Curriki makes educational content available to parents, students, and teachers for free. These learning resources and curricula are developed by a community of educators, learners, and education experts, are universally accessible, and expand educational opportunities to anyone around the world. The focus is on K-12 curricula in areas such as mathematics, science, technology, language arts, and world languages. The collection includes lessons, assessments, resources, and textbooks.


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