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International Reading Association: Web Resources
Significant resource from one of the largest education organizations.
Grade Level: Professional, Parent

This site from the International Reading Association provides free lesson plans, resources, and information for promoting high levels of literacy for all.
This site is organized into several main categories, each of which is divided into subcategories. Links are located at the left side navigation menu. Subsequent pages have the same navigation system, as well as links embedded in the main text.

The International Reading Associations Web Resources puts lesson plans, tips, strategies, information, and resources at the fingertips of teachers, parents, policymakers, or anyone interested in promoting literacy. Resources are grouped by topic, and lesson plans are accessible once you navigate to each resource topic. The lesson plans are labeled by grade level and include comprehensive instructions as well as information on what standards they cover. The Booklists section includes lists of books that have been reviewed and praised by teachers, children, and young adults. Many other resources are also available, including a career center and information for parents.


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