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Rainforest Math
Practical activities for elementary and middle school.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8


This site was created by Australian teacher Jenny Eather and offers interactive math activities for grades K-6. It requires a subscription to Mathletics, which will cost you a small fee.
Rainforest math is designed to appeal to young students and fits the bill quite nicely. It is bright, colorful, and interactive. Users choose the difficulty level and are then presented with a wide array of activities from which to choose. Flash Player is required. UK spelling conventions are used, e.g. metre (UK) as opposed to meter (US).

Teacher Jenny Eather has put a lot of work into this site, which uses a rainforest theme and gives students a fun and interactive way to reinforce their math skills. It is a great site for students to use at home to practice skills or at school to supplement the curriculum. The interactive activities cover skills that are commonly taught in grades K-6, such as numbers and number systems, operations and calculations, strategies and processes, patterns and algebra, measurement, and much more. Students will find it easy to do the exercises on their own and get immediate feedback on their answers. Many of the activities include more information that explains the operations or concepts. Some topics include a range of activities for different skill levels within the same grade.


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