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May 2007

Race: Are We So Different?
Scientific, historical, and experiential perspectives on this powerful, sensitive topic.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12, Professional, Parents

This site was created by the American Anthropological Association, with funding from the Ford Foundation and the National Science Foundation. It explores the complex story of race, the differences and similarities of people, through the lenses of history, science, and lived experience
This beautifully designed site is easily navigated with the content categorized into three groups: history, human variation and lived experience. Links to each of the sections are displayed on the main page. Internal pages have a top navigation bar for moving between the sections and links for movement within the section are displayed on the main page.

As the Website says, The Race project explains differences among people and reveals the reality-and unreality-of race. Parents and teachers as well as researchers will find resources at this site for learning more about this sensitive issue. Visitors may want to begin in the history section by viewing the timeline movie that gives an overview of how prevailing ideas in science, government and culture intersected throughout history to shape our concept of race today, then continue with the interactive timeline that traces the history of race in the United States to explore these ideas in depth. The human variation section contains interactive modules on human biology and genetics, variations in human skin color, the effects of genes and environment on health, and quizzes to test your knowledge. The lived experience section includes interactive activities that explore such topics as stereotypes, walking in someone elses shoes, who is white? and others, as well as a race blog where users can discuss their views and experiences with race. The resources section provides a family guide for parents to advise them on how to talk to their children about race and includes activities that families can do together. Teachers will find a middle school teachers guide and a high school teachers guide that meets national science and social studies standards and provides lesson plans for addressing race and human variation in the classroom. Included is a bibliography, glossary, and related Web sites.


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