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April 2007

Freedom: A History of US
Strong site from PBS traces the theme of freedom through U.S. history.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This sixteen part series from PBS focuses on the overarching theme of freedom as it explores the history of the United States. It is based on the award winning books of Joy Hakim. It includes curriculum guides, videos, images, games, and much more.
This well organized site makes finding information easy. There is a top navigation menu that expands when clicked to display the submenus. Macromedia Flash Player is required, and users can choose the connection speed.

A History of US is a treasure trove of resources for the history teacher or student. There are sixteen Webisodes that trace American History from 1765 to 2002. Each Webisode consist of several segments that include videos, pictures, a timeline, glossary, quizzes, and additional resources. The Tools and Activities section includes interactive quizzes and games that will help students incorporate, test, and expand upon the knowledge they have acquired through the Webisodes. The section especially for teachers is a real find. It includes sixteen historical primers, one for each Webisode, which summarize the content in each Webisode and chronicle the story of American history from the colonial revolution to the inauguration of George W. Bush. There is also a list of cross-curricular teaching guides, one for each segment of each Webisode, which can be sorted according to Webisode or by subject area. The teaching index provides an interactive timeline that features highlighted dates that link to the Webisode segment in which the historical events associated with those dates are discussed. Included are videos to help teachers who want to incorporate these materials into their classroom curriculum and an image browser that links to thousands of images of American History.


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