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April 2007

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum: Educator Resource Center
Using design to supplement and spark student interest in all subjects.
Grade Level: Professional

This site from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum provides resources and information for teachers to engage in the design process and to use it effectively in the classroom.
The Education Resource Center is a part of the larger Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. It is well organized, with links to the main sections at the top of the front page. Featured lessons are listed on the right side of the page. Flash Plug-in Version 8 or higher is required for viewing the videos.

This site offers teachers a way to engage students more fully in any subject, including mathematics, language arts, history, science, and art, by relating to students real life experiences through design. There is an extensive database of interdisciplinary standards-based lesson plans that focus on project-based learning, critical thinking skills, and problem solving. The lesson plans are for all grades K-12 and can be searched by grade level or subject area. Lessons include standards, resources, materials, procedures, assessment, and enrichment/extension activities. There is also an area for teachers to talk to other teachers from around the country about how to use design in the classroom and a comprehensive list of Internet and print resources. Additionally, a set of videos is available for teachers to view.


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