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March 2007

Alien Earths
Includes an interactive Drake Equation to estimate life in outer space.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


Alien Earths is a companion site to the traveling exhibition from the Space Science Institute. It explores the formation of stars and planets and includes interactive games, slide shows and more.
This appealing site has graphic links on the left side to the four main areas and a link to the activities on the right side. Macromedia Flash is required.

This interactive site will give students plenty of fun time as they learn about the formation of planets and stars and the search for life. Each of the sections has slide shows and interactives that help with understanding the concepts. Students can build a "perfect" solar system, learn about the life cycles of stars and how astronomers use the light of stars to search for Earth size planets, create a community of microorganisms, or use the Drake Equation interactive to make their own estimate of how many planets out there support life.


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