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Digital History
Wonderful history site, rich with images and resources.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


This site, developed in collaboration with the University of Houston, the Chicago Historical Society, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, offers teachers and students information and resources about American history. It includes a textbook, interactive timeline, multimedia, and primary source materials.
The Digital History site contains a lot of material and organizes it very well so that information is easily located. The left side menu contains links organized into ten categories. A handy site map and a search page are also available.

This site is a virtual goldmine for teachers and students of American History. The online textbook covers American history from the Revolution to the present and includes more than a dozen timelines that help put events into perspective. There is a rich resource of primary source materials with more than 600 titles that can be browsed or searched by title, author, year of publication or keyword. In the Ethnic Voices sections users will find a complete history of late 19th and early 20th century immigration titled The Huddled Masses as well as a photo album of immigration, chronology and more. The multimedia section features digital stories, a time machine, lectures on such topics as Slavery and African American Memory and "The Cultural Civil War of the 1960s," a games database, historical music and Flash movies. The complete teachers resource area includes classroom handouts and fact sheets; twenty-four learning modules that include lesson plans, fact checks and activities; more than forty resource guides that can be browsed by period or by topic and include readings, primary sources, teaching resources, and audio-visual resources; and a handful of lesson plans for secondary students. Users can use the interactive timeline to navigate through the social, political and cultural events from 1590 to the present. If all this isnt enough, visitors to the site will also find visual histories, virtual exhibitions, special topics and a comprehensive history reference room that includes book talks, biographies, writing guides and much more. You will definitely want to bookmark this one in order to return often.


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