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Brockport High School: Physical Education
A high school's Phys Ed page -- strong resource for PE.
Grade Level: 9-12

This physical education site from a Brockport High School in New York State offers curriculum resources and information that would be useful to other high schools interested in improving or developing their own physical education program.
This site offers a comprehensive left side navigation menu, complete with submenus. There is also a top navigation bar.

Physical Education teachers could take a few lessons from this high school site. The physical education department put emphasis on such lifetime activities as snowboarding, mountain biking, inline skating, ice skating, bowling, tennis, weight training, cardio fitness, yoga, etc., and students are allowed to select the activity of choice. Users can find curriculum materials -- including assessments, information and handouts -- for many different activities. Each of the Review Sheets contains skills, diagrams, scoring information, and more. The Fitness Tools section will help users address all areas of fitness -- strength, cardio, and flexibility -- and the Nutrition Information section will help users learn about the importance of a healthy diet.


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