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World Wise Schools: Educators
A Peace Corps site for educators and home-schoolers on global understanding.
Grade Level: Parents, Professional

This site offers teachers, home schoolers, and service learning providers a rich resource for cross-cultural lesson plans, stories, activities, videos, and much more.
This site is part of the larger World Wise Schools site and is very well-organized. The left side menu leads to the main areas and as each section is accessed, the menu expands for navigating the section. Lesson plans can be searched by region, subject, or grade level.

The World Wise Schools program provides free cross-cultural classroom materials, literature, videos, lessons, ideas, and services for enriching the K-12 classroom. The educators section is a virtual treasure trove of multi-disciplinary materials and services for teachers, including the opportunity to correspond with a serving Peace Corps volunteer or have a volunteer speak to their class. Standards-based lessons include topics ranging from cultural issues to practical challenges of obtaining water and from studying folk tales to understanding the norms of other peoples. Lesson plans are grouped by grade level, region, and by subject area. Additionally, Podcasts, videos, and slideshows of everyday life in the Peace Corps countries, as well as language lessons, help students to better understand the different cultures.


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