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Spelling Time
K-5 spelling with animated guidance and quizzes.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5


Spelling Time is an interactive, fun online spelling tutorial for grades K-5 that promotes spelling success via multimedia reinforcement and independent learning. The site can be used by individuals or classrooms. The site's resources are not free, but users can try a demo lesson at no cost.
The visually appealing site is easily navigated. Simply sign in and large navigation buttons make it easy for students to choose their path. Instructions are also stated orally by the animated guides. You will need a high-speed Internet connection and Adobe Flash Player.

SpellingTime is a great solution for those parents, teachers, and homeschoolers whose children need help with that dreaded Friday spelling test. Students can use the site independently to practice their words in a different format each day of the week, and then take a quiz to show which words need additional work. The program automatically records and emails the results of the quiz to the parents. Teachers, parents, or students can enter their own spelling list each week and then Alexis and Jake (the animated guides) guide the students through the lessons each day. During the quizzes, the words are clearly pronounced, used in a sentence, and pronounced again. The student then must type in his/her answer. By completing the quizzes, students can collect game coins to play fun, age-appropriate games.


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