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Arty Factory
Teacher-created site offering free art and design lessons.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


This site was created by John Mac Taggart, an art and design teacher in the United Kingdom. It offers free art and design lessons for artists of any age.
The main navigation buttons are simple rollover icons located on the front page. When you mouse over them, they reveal tags which display their destination. A handy site map is also available. The site uses a variety of brightly colored backgrounds and teachers/parents should be aware of the advertisements.

Arty Factory was created for artists of all ages and includes art lessons, ideas, and techniques designed to improve artistic skills. First time users may want to begin with the site map for an overview of all that is available. The lessons are housed in the Gallery and include such topics as African Masks, Egyptian art and hieroglyphs, pencil portraits, perspective drawing, logo design, and color theory. Easy-to-follow directions allow users to make use of the lessons with just a few basic materials. The practical side of each lesson is enhanced by some history and appreciation of the subject. The ready-to-use lessons can easily be used to supplement the art curriculum in the classroom.


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