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Sea Turtle.org
All about sea turtles, including tracking their migration.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


Seaturtle.org provides information and resources to support research and conservation efforts in the sea turtle community. It includes research, news, images, multimedia, tracking projects, a map tool, and more.
The site features a top navigation bar as well as a left sidebar with links to the various areas of the site. Additionally, a search tool, frequently asked questions list, and a help page are available. Much of the site is also available in Spanish.

Anyone with an interest in sea turtles and their conservation will find lots of information at this site. Teachers and students will probably find the image library, multimedia, and tracking sections the most useful. The image library contains tons of images that are sorted into categories. Many multimedia files can be downloaded as Podcasts. The tracking section allows visitors to view the location of tagged sea turtles and follow their progress by subscribing to an e-mail list to receive a notification each time the tracks of the animals are updated. Resources for teachers includes printable maps for tracking and geography exercises, along with tips for using the site in several subject areas such as biology, math, conservation, earth science, and geography. Included at the site are the latest news articles, a newsletter, job opportunities for those in the field of marine research and advocacy, and related Web links.


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