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February 2007

Learning About Renewable Energy
A government site on renewable energy.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

Learning About Renewable Energy, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), provides basic information about solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, and geothermal power.
The site is easily navigated from the left side menu. Clicking on the main area brings up the subtopics. QuickTime is required.

This site from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory provides information and resources for anyone interested in creating a clean energy future for our nation and the world. Visitors to the site can get an overview of renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen and geothermal by exploring the Renewable Energy Basics section then move on to explore advanced vehicles and alternative fuels to learn how they contribute to fuel efficiency, reduce harmful air emissions, and help decrease our need for petroleum imports. Video clips and animations are available to enhance understanding of the various concepts. For instance, users can view a video to see how solar panels work, or animations that show how a wind turbine or a geothermal system works. A section about using renewable energy in our everyday lives is included with ideas for homeowners, farmers or ranchers, small business owners and electricity providers. Student Resources provides a variety of educational resources for learning more about renewable energy sources and technologies.


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