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February 2007

The History of the Supreme Court
Tastefully designed site, sponsored by New York Life insurance, written by teachers.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

The History of the Supreme Court is a site funded by New York Life that complements a major television series that will air on PBS in January and February of 2007. It explores the history and impact of the nations highest court. Included are lesson plans and other curriculum resources for the classroom.
This well organized and easily navigated. Content is organized thematically into five sections listed in the left side menu. A top navigation bar leads to the general areas of the site. FlashPlayer is needed.

Educators will find a wealth of resources for supplementing the social studies curriculum at The History of the Supreme Court Website. This resource is written by teachers from across the country and presents the history of the Court thematically corresponding to the strands in the social studies curriculum. The five themes include; The Court Defines Itself, The Court and Basic Rights, The Court and Gender, The Court and Young People and the Court Today. An introductory essay on the History of the Supreme Court gives a broad view of the evolution of the Supreme Court. Teacher resources include introductory essays for each theme with information for further study and discussion as well as a host of well-planned lesson plans that cover such topics as Exploring Enumerated and Implied Powers, Clear and Present Danger, Gender Issues in the United States, and others. Included is an interactive timeline of landmark cases handed down since 1792 that are arranged by theme and a searchable encyclopedia of terms and court cases. This is an evolving site with new sections promised soon.


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