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February 2007

Brains Rule!
Learn about your brain.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


This site provided by the University of Nebraska at Omaha and several partner organizations promotes learning about the brain and nervous system for children.
This colorful and interactive site can be navigated using the four tabs (Kids, Teachers, Neuroscience Professionals and Partners) at the top of the page and then following the sub-menus. Macromedia Flash Player is required.

This kid-friendly educational site will help your students to learn about the brain and nervous system. The sections for kids offers several interactive animated games that help students learn how the brain develops, the anatomy of a neuron, and a virtual tour of the brain. Students can also meet a Brainwhiz or sign up to have their questions answered by a neuroscientist or build their own Web page. Teachers will find a set of lesson plans for grades 3-8 that include background material, vocabulary, science standards, hands-on and Web-based activities, resources and links, and more. Included is a set of lesson plans designed for teachers to get ready for Brain Awareness Week. Although these lessons are from 2006, they can be used anytime classes are studying about the brain and nervous system. Topics include the anatomy of the brain, protecting the brain, the nervous system, neurons, and others.


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