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January 2007

Ancient Greece
Greece is the word.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


This site from the British Museum features articles from its holdings from ancient Greece. It is designed primarily for schoolchildren aged 9 - 11 and their teachers.
This beautifully created sites homepage features a relief map of Greece and its islands with artifacts from the museum rotating in and out. The content is divided into ten chapters listed on the left side of the main page. Macromedia Flash Player 6, Shockwave 8.5 and Acrobat Reader are needed.

The Ancient Greece Web site from the British Museum is primarily for students and teachers but is worth the visit from anyone interested in this piece of history. Ten chapters cover the Acropolis, Athens, Daily Life, Festivals and Games, Geography, Gods and Goddesses, Sparta, Knowledge and Learning, Time and War. There is a lot of material and it is covered very well with interactive features and Flash animations. The staff room offers teachers resources for making the most of the site for their class. Included is an overview of each of the sites chapters as well as other resources that can be located by chapter, topic, or historical skills. Types of resources include discussions or background material, worksheets accompanied by teachers notes, and follow-up activities. Additionally, the educational goals are available as well as set-up advice for the classroom.


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