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Climate Discovery Teachers Guide
Climate related materials and lessons specifically for grades 5-9.
GRADE LEVEL: 3-5, 5-8, 9-12

This site was developed as a companion to the Climate Discovery exhibit at the National Center for Atmospheric Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. The lesson materials are geared for grades 5-9 and facilitate student learning about our planets climate system.
The sites design is straightforward. Links are presented with a brief description on the main page.

This teachers guide is a complete, ready-to-use study of the Earths climate system. It includes several well-developed, standards-based units that are geared toward grades 5-9. The first unit, The Sun-Earth Connection, includes a hands-on inquiry activity, an investigation of real data, and a PowerPoint presentation. The second unit includes nine lessons that explore how scientists study ancient climates and how climate changes over time. The third unit includes hands-on activities, data collection, and a cycling game that helps students learn about the environmental cycles that influence climate. Each of the lessons contain the National Science Standards, learning goals, key concepts, materials needed, background information, extensions, and additional resources, as well as everything the teacher needs to implement the lesson.



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