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October 2006

Life After the Holocaust: Stories of Holocaust Survivors After The War
Emotionally powerful reading for WWII study.

This online collection from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum features interviews with six Holocaust survivors who immigrated to the United States to rebuild their lives.
The site can be navigated in a number of ways. From the homepage users can use the navigation menu or the links within the page to go directly to the different sections or click through to the exhibition and access the sections from there.

Life After the Holocaust is a rich resource for anyone wanting to learn more about this horrific event and the effects it had on the survivors. The site is organized into six themes: Living with the Past, Faith and Guilt, Arriving in New York, Telling Their Children, Starting Over and Speaking Out. Each theme features interviews with survivors and narratives that explain the context of the experiences. Visitors can listen to the entire narrative of each survivor as well as view personal photographs by clicking on the name in the survivors menu. Also available are transcripts of the interviews and an opportunity for visitors to reflect on Why is it important to study the Holocaust?



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