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October 2006

Monticello Explorer
Thomas Jefferson's fabled home, on display online.
GRADE LEVEL: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Monticello Explorer allows users to take a virtual tour of the famed home of Thomas Jefferson. It includes information, Flash animations, maps and photographs.
This highly interactive site is user-friendly. Visitors can explore the house and plantation as well as take any of the tours from the main page. Internal pages can be navigated in a number of ways; pull down menus, 3D tools, interactive floor plans and joining tour segments.

This site provides a great way to experience an engaging visit to the home of Thomas Jefferson without leaving your desk. Visitors may want to begin with the interactive mapping interface to explore the plantation and the changes that were made during Jeffersons life. The house itself can be explored through 3D renderings to discover the details of Monticello. Both the house and plantation features include brief essays about the history and development of the estate. Additionally, visitors can join any of three tours that are narrated by people who work at the estate. The tours include the house, grounds and gardens, and domestic life at Monticello.



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