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October 2006

Music Education Online
Do re mi over to this site for super music education resources.
GRADE LEVEL: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Parents

Music Education Online, presented by the Children's Music Workshop, is a one stop source of information for anyone interested in music education.
The site is designed with a top navigation bar that displays drop down menus when the mouse is rolled over the names of the sections. Each area includes a left side menu for navigating that section.

This is site has a wealth of information for students, educators, parents or anyone who is interested in music education. Users will find books, CDs, sheet music, etc. for sale but there are plenty of free resources to make the site worth a look also. Included in the free resources is an online music theory tutor (found under the Music heading) that allows the user to select from more than three dozen lessons and choose the type of trainer to work with from a drop down menu. Lessons are listed from the most basic to the more advanced and the trainers include note, key, guitar, brass and others. Utilities include a staff paper generator, chord calculator, and matrix generator. Users will also find downloadable fingering charts, worksheets and flashcards, related articles, and information on the different instruments and links to related sites and associations.



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