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From India -- a conservation site for kids.


Kids R Green is an interactive website for children aimed at promoting the conservation and wise use of nature and natural resources. The site was produced by the Center for Environmental Education in India. It includes games, activities, articles, a calendar, and more.
The site is designed with kids in mind. It is easily navigated from the main page of the site, where all the sections are linked.

Kids R Green is an online environmental magazine that provides information and activities concerning conservation and wise use of natural resources. The site is produced in India but the concepts are important for children from anywhere in the world to learn. Each issue features areas such as: Spaceship Earth, Green Games, Let's Do It, Celebrate a Day, Tree, KRG Club, and Green Gifts. All previous issues are also archived on the site. The Spaceship Earth feature offers information and illustrations that explore different environments, plant and animal life, and systems that support life on earth. Students can also play interactive games with an environmental theme, find simple do-it-yourself activity ideas to do at home, learn about the environmental significance of certain days and activities to help observe them, join the KRG Club to share poems and artwork about the environment, and download screensavers, wallpaper, greeting cards, and more.



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