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Principal's Partnership
Solid information on this site for principals.
GRADE LEVEL: Professional

This site, sponsored by the Union Pacific Corporation, provides a wealth of practical articles, research briefs, timely news articles, and other resources to support the work of high school principals.
The site is well-organized and easily navigated, if not the most aesthetically beautiful site. The left side menu remains constant while the content is displayed on the right side of the screen. There are also links to the most current research briefs and other features on the far right of the main page.

High School Principals' Partnership is a program that is sponsored by the Union Pacific Corporation to "to assist principals in selected Union Pacific communities to meet their leadership needs and professional growth objectives." This Web site complements the program and also offers free resources and information on school reform for any high school principal. Leadership resources include timely news articles of interest to high school principals, professional tools such as a handbook for shaping student attitudes, a curriculum alignment activity, and a discussion of administrative support. The library contains a long list of research briefs on such topics as achievement gap, block scheduling, gangs, learning communities, and improving test scores. The briefs are grouped into eight categories making it easy to find what you need. Each month there is a featured article and all articles are added to the article archive. These articles cover topics that are particularly relevant to high school principals such as Professional Learning Communities, Improving Adolescent Reading, The Principal and Technology, The Principal's Role in Student Achievement, and more. Rounding out the site is a nice set of links to professional organizations and publications.



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