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Brain Pop
Subscription site with some good free movies.


Want to add a little pizzazz to your classes or make homework more fun? Brain Pop is a fun interactive site that teaches important concepts in core curriculum subject areas through on-line movies, quizzes, and other activities. This is a subscription site, but there are several free movies available in each of the subject areas.
The site is crammed full of brightly colored, fun graphic images designed to engage kids. The site is organized according to subject area. The search tool and easy-to-read buttons make it easy to navigate.

Brain Pop features an impressive list of movies on various topics in subjects like science, social studies, math, English, health, arts and music, and technology. Around six in each subject area are free to the general public. A subscription is required for full access. Each section also has additional activities related to the selected subject, such as an experiment, comic strip, timeline, or printable activities. An interactive State Standards Tool is also available for selecting the movie that corresponds with the K-8 standard that you are teaching.



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