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May 2006

If These Walls Could Speak

If These Walls Could Speak
>>>>>>> .r27088 Innovative site that "tours" historically interesting Southern homes.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This site from the Atlanta History Center explores four historic homes in the Atlanta, Georgia area and the people and lives that were intertwined with them. Classroom teaching activities are included.
This interactive and appealing site is a Flash-based design. Each house is featured in its own section and can be entered from the main page. Internal pages have a top navigation bar for moving between the features. Navigating the features is intuitive and a site map of printable images is included.

Take your students on a tour of historical southern homes and learn about pioneer farm life, the emerging black middle class, rural pottery making, 1920's popular culture and the grandeur of early suburban Atlanta. The four featured homes are: the Tullie Smith House which was inhabited by yeoman farmers who were slave holders; Rolader Cabin, a log cabin in rural Georgia; Shotgun House, home of an African American working class family; and Swan House, a splendid southern home in the Atlanta suburbs. Visitors can take a virtual tour of each house, learn about the people who lived there and the lifestyles they lived, and learn about the social issues of the time. Downloadable classroom activities are available for each house and many of the images can be printed.



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