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May 2006

Water on the Web (WOW)
Not webbed feet the Internet! Super real-world ecology site.
Grade Level: 9-12, Advanced

Water on the Web (WOW) offers teachers and students curriculum materials, real data from many lakes and rivers nationwide, and the interpretation tools, background information, and more for understanding and solving real-world environmental problems using advanced technology.
The site is divided into three major sections: Understanding, Data, and Curricula. Each section is available from the graphic links on the main page as well as the top navigation bar. Tutorials are available for becoming familiar with the site. Macromedia Flash Player and Microsoft PowerPoint Player are required for parts of the site.

Water on the Web provides water science units to help students understand and solve real-world environmental problems. The curricula are divided into two sets; Basic Science and Water Science. The basic program helps students learn basic science through hands-on science activities and by working with state-of-the-art technologies that are accessible through the Web site. It includes a teacher and a student section. The teacher section includes lesson plans for both a directed study approach and an inquiry approach to teaching and learning. The student section gives students a lab problem and a problem using the data found at the site. The Water Science section is divided into six units and each unit is divided into modules containing lectures in the form of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and labs. Students learn about aquatic ecology, water quality, and watershed as well as view and manipulate maps and data on lakes and rivers nationwide using the data visualization tools available on the site.



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