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April 2006

Exploring Space: The Quest for Life
PBS site turns the lens on the cosmos.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Exploring Space examines the mysteries about the origin of life that may exist in space. This is a companion site to the PBS television broadcast of the same title. It includes essays, fun activities, and quizzes.
The site is well organized into four main sections, with graphic links at the top of the main page as well as a left side menu. Real Player and Macromedia Flash Player are required.

Exploring Space provides teachers and students a wealth of information about the origins of life and the search for intelligent life in the cosmos. The content is divided into four sections: Meteorites & Life; The Search for Aliens; The Mars Project; and Essays. Each of the first three sections contain interactive activities including quizzes, and simulations such as taking on the role of an astronaut and taking a flight to Mars, exploring meteorites that have hit our planet, and viewing the fictional aliens dreamed up by Joel Hagan, astronomical artist and imaging specialist. The essay sections includes such topics as Martian vs. human rights, making contact with aliens, and the views of religious scholars concerning humanity's place in the universe. Additionally, visitors to the site can find a list of additional resources, learn about the program and view a show trailer.



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