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March 2006

HMChem: General Chemistry Online
Everything that "matters" in chemistry - just a click away.
Grade Level: 9-12

HMChem: General Chemistry Online provides supplemental chemistry curriculum materials, including lab simulations and exercises, links to drill and self-assessment and practice problems, animated videos, and a complete chemistry textbook. Three parts of the Test Center (Self Test, Assignments, and Instructor Resources) require a username and password, but the rest of the site is free and accessible to anyone.
The site is attractively designed with graphic links to the five major areas on the main page. Internal pages have a top navigation bar for movement within that area and a link back to the homepage. The site uses Java applets, QuickTime and Flash Player.

HMChem holds a wealth of information and resources for the high school chemistry teacher and student. There are five sections: classroom, test center, lab, library, and real world. The library contains the complete text of Ebbing/Gammon, General Chemistry, as well as models of molecules, a long list of movies and animations, simulations, and appendices with supporting information. The classroom provides additional information with hyperlinked text that links to diagrams and further explanation. The lab offers simulated experiments and pre-lab exercises. The test center provides problems for drill and practice and quizzes arranged by topics. Students receive immediate feedback on the quizzes with a link to help with the incorrect questions. The real world section explores the application of chemistry to ecology, engineering, geology, industry, medicine, and other fields.


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