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Forensics in the Classroom (FIC)
Pupils as Perry Mason. CSI: Classroom Science Investigation!
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12
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Court TV has teamed up with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) to present these free curriculum units on forensic science for middle and high school students. "By incorporating key scientific concepts and lab experiments into creative, forensic-based mysteries and activities, FIC provides a way to engage and teach students about the expanding and fascinating world of forensic science."
The site has several units that can be downloaded in .pdf format from the main page. Adobe Acrobat is required.

Popular TV shows have sparked an interest in forensic science, and teachers can capitalize on this interest by using the standards-based units provided at this site to solve intriguing mysteries using real science. Using biology, chemistry, physics, and other sciences, students conduct enzyme tests, DNA analysis, handwriting analysis, fingerprinting, and other applications of science to solve the cases. The units can be used in the classroom as stand-alone units that can be tailored to fit differing abilities and into individual classroom schedules. The units can also be taught as introductions to basic chemistry ideas and forensic techniques, or used as creative ways to review information you've already covered. Each FIC unit includes an overview, applicable standards, required materials, student handouts, introductory and background information, the complete mystery, additional sources of information, extension activities, assessments, and more. Included is a bonus "mini mystery" for students to solve.


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