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February 2006

Slavery in New York
NY Historical Society's exhibit on the years before NY abolition in 1827.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

The New York Historical Society created this online exhibition that explores the period from the 1600s to 1827, when slavery was legally abolished in New York State, through the use of interactive galleries and multimedia presentations.
This beautifully designed site uses Flash technology for this multimedia presentation. After entering the site from the main page, a left side navigation menu available as well as a top navigation bar that leads to the various galleries. The galleries have various interactive features that are intuitive to use.

This is a rich resource of information and primary documents dealing with slavery in New York City where the heart of the slave trade existed for close to two hundred years. The online exhibit includes original artifacts and art objects, original documents, and reproductions of historic documents and images from the New York Historical Society as well as other repositories. The experiences of Africans and African-Americans in New York City are explored in depth as visitors look at the nine individual galleries. Gallery two includes an interactive map (1741) where visitors can explore the city. Gallery three features an ad for a runaway slave and users can roll the mouse over the text for more information. Gallery six is a picture gallery that shows how black New Yorkers were portrayed in pictures of the city beginning in the 1790s. Gallery eight features articles on some of "freedom's people", those who built the black community into a thriving part of New York City's daily life. Each of the galleries includes New-York Stories on such topics as The Route to the Emancipation Day Parade and a visit a merchant's house to view the artifacts that have both white and black stories. The Education section provides materials written for middle school children that include a teacher's guide, informational articles, fact sheet, glossary, photo cards, life stories, and more.


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