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February 2006

Strange Matter
What the Bleep fun science about everyday stuff from Ontario Science Centre.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


This educational and fun site helps students learn the secrets of everyday stuff as they explore the field of materials science. The site was developed by the Ontario Science Centre in conjunction with the Materials Research Society and the National Science Foundation.
The site is well organized with a top navigation bar that leads to the various areas of the site. The four main sections of the site can be accessed from the front page through the graphic links: Zoom Stuff, Transform Stuff, Crush Stuff, and Improve Stuff.

Strange Matter is a fun and interactive way to learn how materials science helps explain how stuff is put together, how it can be used, how it can be changed, and much more. Four interactive activities explore structure, properties, processing and performance. Learn how many atoms equal the width of a human hair, how to see the invisible, why glass is transparent, how to make your own slime, how nanocrystals can help doctors and patients, how sand is in your cell phone, how to make the world's hardest metal, and how "Buckeyballs" may someday deliver drugs directly to the sick cells in your body. These are just a few of the great stuff you'll encounter as your explore the field of materials science. Included is a section on What Is Materials Science? as well as resources for teachers and activities for parents to try at home. The teacher's guide focuses on grades 5-8 and includes activities using inexpensive, easy to find materials teaching strategies, a glossary, resource list and more. Also included in the Stuff for Teachers is a curriculum connections guide that connects activities to National Science Standards and a featured demonstration with suggestions for discussing in the classroom.


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