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February 2006

Einstein Light: A Brief Illumination of Relativity
E equals an extremely fun and informative site with very cool illustrations.
Grade Level: 9-12

This educational and engaging site offers a brief overview of the principles of Einstein's theory of relativity and its relationship to the work done by Galileo and Newton using quick Flash animations. Also available are links for more in depth exploration.
This easily navigated site offers links to the five modules in the right side menu as well as the main section of the main page. It is available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish as well as English. The multimedia modules are created as Flash movies but there is a smaller text version available. While the multimedia modules load, users are given the option to peruse a host of related links.

This award-winning site, Einstein Light, was written and presented by Professor Joe Wolfe of the University of New South Wales in Australia. Physics teachers and students will delight in these multimedia modules that help to explain some very complex concepts. Each of the modules uses two animated models, Zoe and Jasper as well as video clips to help visitors understand the key elements of such concepts as mechanics and relativity, electricity and magnetism, special relativity, time dilation and E = mc2 . For those who want to dig deeper, there a number of related links for each module that includes at least thirty pages of more thorough explanations using diagrams and animations.


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