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February 2006

Predicting Seasonal Weather
Cool with a chance of learning: advances in weather prediction.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

Predicting Seasonal Weather, presented by the National Science Foundation, is an interactive exploration of the research that has led to "a new understanding of the relationship between fall snow cover and winter climate variability," a new way of predicting seasonal weather.
The site is designed as a Macromedia Flash presentation, but users may choose a text-only version by clicking on the link found in the lower right corner of the page. The content is well organized and links to the main areas of the site are listed on the left side of the page as well as at the bottom.

Predicting Seasonal Weather will be of interest to science teachers and students as well as to the general public. Visitors to the site can learn about a new model for predicting seasonal weather. The content is divided into six sections, including an introduction, a new and better way, fall predicts winter, new seasonal forecast model, model accuracy demonstrated, and classroom resources. Each section features a brief essay, maps, images, and diagrams. The classroom resources include a diverse collection of lessons and web resources for teachers, students, and parents that are thematically organized for convenience.


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