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January 2006

Digital Library for Earth System Education
A National Science Foundation one-stop shop for Earth science resources.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Digital Library for Earth Systems Education (DLESE) is funded by the National Science Foundation and offers a database of quality teaching and learning resources about the Earth for a wide range of learners.
The site is well organized and resources are easily located. The top navigation bar offers access to the major areas of the site, and the search tool for locating educational resources is right on the front page. Resources can be searched by grade level, type, collection, or standards.

This digital collection of reviewed resources is a gold mine for science teachers and students. It includes lesson plans, scientific data, visualizations, interactive computer models, virtual field trips, and more. Resources cover such broad themes as geographical science, geological science, and ocean science, as well as the following subject areas: biology, chemistry, climatology, cryology, ecology, environmental science, and forestry. A section for educators helps teachers make the most of the resources by providing information on teaching with data, evaluation and assessment, and integrating research and education. Additionally, the area features collaboration tools, email groups, and portals for both undergraduate and K-12 teachers.


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