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The Secrets of Aging
Hurry! Save this URL! Interesting site about aging.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Secrets of Aging is the companion site to a traveling exhibit, developed by the Museum of Science in Boston in collaboration with Science Museum Exhibit Collaborative, that explores what the latest social science, psychological, and biological research reveals about an emotional process that affects us all. The site is recommend for classes grade 4 and up who are studying biology, health, technology, psychology, sociology, or anthropology.
The major areas of the site can be accessed via the bottom navigation bar on the main page. The site is organized as a slide show of information, and Flash Player is needed.

This interesting site examines what scientists are learning about how and why we age, what we can do to live longer and healthier, and how the growing proportion of older to younger people is changing our world. Students learn about the physical and emotional struggles of aging by both reading textual information and listening to audio interviews with elders.


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