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Oceans Alive
Making a very big topic (oceans!) more easily understood.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8


Oceans Alive is a rich resource of information for teaching and learning about the oceans including topics such as the water cycle, waves and wind, currents, marine life, tides and much more.
This site has a simple design with information grouped into four broad categories: the water planet, oceans in motion, life in the sea, and scientist at sea. The navigation bar is located at the bottom of the main page and the top of subsequent pages.

Earth Science teachers will certainly want to bookmark this site for future reference. It offers a wealth of information on anything pertaining to the study of the global seas. The water planet section explores the physical features of the ocean, the changing oceans and plate tectonics, the water cycle and vignettes of the four oceans and their varied environments. Oceans in motion provides detailed information on how ocean currents are formed, wind and waves and how tides are affected by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. Life in the sea offers information on plants and animals that live near the surface of the ocean as well as predators and prey. Visitors to the site can dive deeper into the sea, in the scientist at sea area, to learn more about underwater exploration and remote sensing. Classroom activities are provided for learning about the water cycle, water currents, web of life and tides.


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