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Engineering Is Elementary
A wonderful site that promotes engineering amongst the young'uns.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

Engineering Is Elementary provides curricular materials for grades 1-5 that integrate engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science lessons.
The site is well-organized and information is easy to find. The left side menu offers access to the main areas of the site. Some of the areas have submenus.

Encourage young children's natural curiosity for the way things work by including these ready to use units in your curriculum. Each unit integrates an elementary school science topic with a specific field of engineering and engages students in the engineering design process. Storybooks that correlate to each unit are available for purchase but the units can be used independently. All of the units include lesson plans with detailed instructions for the teacher, ready to use duplication masters and assessment tools, background information and additional resources for teachers. Many of the lessons are provided in at two levels (basic and advanced) and student materials are available in English and Spanish. Elementary science topics and the related engineering fields include: Earth Materials/Materials Engineering, Air and Weather/Mechanical Engineering, Water/Environmental Engineering, Balance and Force/Civil Engineering, Simple Machines/Industrial Engineering, Insects/Agricultural Engineering, and Sound/Acoustical Engineering. Included is a comprehensive list of books, websites, and videos related to the engineering discipline.


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