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Powerful Bones, Powerful Girls
Colorful Centers for Disease Control site promotes skeletal health among girls.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8

This girl-friendly Web site offers girls information on how to develop lifelong bone-healthy habits for a healthier future.
This colorful, animated site will appeal to the target audience. The top navigation bar on all pages makes finding information simple. Flash Player is needed for the interactive activities but non-Flash versions are available for some.

This site helps young girls understand how weight-bearing physical activity and calcium can be a fun and important part of everyday life. Girls will find the facts they need about bones and calcium to keep their bones strong and healthy as well as many games and quizzes. The section on Staying Strong offers tips for participating in weight-bearing activities such as basketball and tennis. Rounding out the site is a dictionary and several screen savers that can be downloaded.


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