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November 2005

Global Warming Facts and Our Future
A National Academy of Sciences site - highly interactive and visually appealing.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site from the National Academy of Sciences presents explores global warming and how it affects our future on Earth. It includes the latest scientific information, teaching activities, videos and more.
The site is well organized and material is easily found. Major sections of the site are accessible from the main page. Internal pages have a left side menu for movement between the sections and page numbers for moving through the material in that section.

Global Warming Facts and Our Future explores such topics as the greenhouse effect, carbon cycle, causes of change, past change, predicted change, impact of change and responses to change. Teaching materials include inquiry based activities designed for middle and high school students, related Web links and books for further reading. Interactive activities allow students to find out about options for reducing CO2 emissions, explore the changing temperatures and CO2 emissions over the last century, explore projections of 21st Century climate change, and learn about the consequences of responses to climate change.


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