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Unraveling the Mysteries of King Tutankhamen
A National Geographic site on "the boy king."
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
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This fun and informative site from National Geographic offers visitors the opportunity to examine the body of King Tut through the use of CT scan imagery and explore the markings inside his tomb.
This creative site requires Macromedia Flash Player and a high-speed connection. Enter the site from the main page and you will find a top navigation bar with access to the main areas of the site. The left side menu offers other options such as a photo gallery.

King Tutankhamen has always been an interesting Egyptian pharaoh. This exhibit allows visitors to view King Tut’s body by using CT scan technology and see just how he may have looked. Visitors can learn about his journey into the afterlife by exploring the four walls of the burial chamber with a narrated tour, 360-degree views, and interactive options. The Royal Wrappings section offers a detailed look at the four shrines, sarcophagus, and three coffins in which King Tut was entombed, as well as a look at the mummy itself. Included is an extensive resource list of other related National Geographic resources as well as Web links.


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