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November 2005

Sharks: Myth and Mystery
Monterey Bay Aquarium's exhibit on everything from bat rays to swell sharks.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This online exhibit from the Monterey Bay Aquarium explores the world of sharks from Africa to the Amazon “through the eyes of different cultures”. It includes educational resources, factual information, and interactive activities.
This engaging site is well organized and easy to navigate. Enter the World of Sharks from the main page and find the tabbed links at the top of the page. QuickTime and Real Player are required.

Sharks: Myth and Mystery is an online exhibit that provides a wealth of resources for teaching and learning about the fascinating world of sharks. Take the gallery tour and learn about sharks in the Amazon, Pacific Islands, Pacific Northwest, Australia, Africa, and Central America. Each area offers information about the species of sharks in that region and the cultural traditions they inspire. Visitors looking for information on a particular species can click on “Meet the Sharks” to find thumbnail pictures that provide links to more information many of them include video clips. Students can view the sharks up close by visiting the shark cam from the Australia gallery or visit the activities section for fun things to do at home or on the computer. The resource section offers shark-watching tips, ecotourism information and resources about sharks, shark stories and art, and shark conservation. Additionally, the left side navigation menu provides links to other online exhibits at the Aquarium.


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