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Map-based collection of information on 26,000 species.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12


This database from the World Wildlife Fund was developed to encourage conservation by providing accurate information including the location of wildlife around the world.
This well-designed site can be navigated in two ways: Search by Place to see what species live there and Search by Species to view maps of where they live. There are navigation bars both at the top and the bottom of the pages. A handy help file of frequently asked questions is also available if you need help with the tools.

Wildfinder will appeal to teachers, students, conservationists, or any nature lover. The information found in the searchable database is based on the Wildlife Fund’s 825 terrestrial ecoregions around the world and currently includes four large taxa, or groups of species: birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. Users can choose an ecoregion and get a list of species that live there or choose a species and get a map and list of the ecoregions where it is found. Searching by place (city, U.S. zip code, or country) enables users to explore the interactive pan and zoom tools to take a closer look and use the species list tool to see what wildlife lives there. The species list gives the scientific name as well as the common name and links to maps of where the animals are found and images. The map gallery allows users to download a printable .pdf map that shows such details as the richness of bird, mammal, amphibian, or reptile species distributed around the world.


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