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Archimedes' Laboratory
Clever and attractive site for puzzles, named after the ancient Greek genius.
Grade Level: 6-12

This interactive, entertaining site offers puzzles, optical illusions, teacher resources, curiosities, and much more.
The site is simply designed using tables and frames. Java must be enabled on your browser. The content in divided into several major categories that are available from the top menu bar. It is available in Italian and French as well as English. A handy site map is provided for quickly finding just the right puzzle.

Kids of all ages will have fun honing their problem solving skills at Archimedes’ Laboratory. The engaging mind bogglers are grouped into several categories, including puzzles and tests, illusions and paradoxes, and odditites and curiosities. Users can learn how pasta is related to geometry, learn how to perform magic tricks, and test their powers of observation. Included is a selection of instructions for puzzles you can make on your own and a list of tips for puzzle solving.


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