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October 2005

The Cool Spot
Giving kids 11-13 a clear picture of alcohol abuse among their peers.
Grade Level: 5-8


The Cool Spot was created for kids 11-13 years old by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and based on a curriculum for grades 6-8 developed by the University of Michigan. Its goal is to give young teens a clear picture of alcohol abuse among their peers.
The main page features a top and bottom navigation bar that leads to the main areas of the site. Additionally, the various areas and the submenus are listed in the text of the main page. Flash Player is needed and can be downloaded at the site.

This site will be of interest to students, parents, teachers or anyone who works with young teens on such issues. The site offers factual information about alcohol such as the dangers of underage drinking, mood swings, the risk factors for developing an alcohol problem, problems associated with drinking, alcohol addiction, and alcohol related accidents. Young people and adults alike may be surprised by taking the Reality Check about how much drinking goes on in the United States among young teens. Included is information on how teens might deal with peer pressure, confronting fears or expectations about what will happen if you resist, and the right to resist. The Real Life section offers resources for anyone who may have a drinking problem or may be living with someone who does.


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